You've found C.G.Allan's "FEATURED FICTION #2"
'Occasional Fun Poetry'

From time to time, a funny line or phrase
will pop into my head for no reason at all
other than I get a kick out of
how words sometimes go together...
Most times, I jot these ideas down
and if I'm very lucky, they can turn into
a poem or lyrical story - not all of my poetry
rhymes, as with the first tale on this page
but it does remind me that from an early age
I had writerly aspirations
and that to me is poetic in itself...

"I was an old horse and my time was almost over.
My name is Thumper. They called me Thumper
because every time I get treats,
like sugar and apples,
I would thump my feet in excitement.
My owner was called 'Old Jimmy'.
One day I was working on the farm with Old Jimmy,
then he said "Right, time to go".
I didn't know what he was talking about.
Next thing I knew I was in the middle
of some kind of market.
Then I saw the tractor
that Old Jimmy was thinking of trading me for.
Now I knew I was at the horse sale.
Suddenly I saw my owner and another man.
The man said some numbers over a hundred.
Then I realised they were saying numbers to sell me.
My owner, Old Jimmy shook his head.
I said 'Alleluia!' deep in my head.
When we got back to the farm,
I worked as hard as I could
so that Old Jimmy wouldn't change his mind.
At the end of the day,
I had a nice soft bed of hay to sleep on.
I felt like sleeping forever - and I did.
For, you see, what I said
at the beginning of my story is true...
my end was near."

The story above is the very first piece of creative writing
I ever remember being proud of (and still have in my possession in a complete state).
It was written when I was about 8 years old
and has the singlular claim to fame
that it made my primary school teacher cry...
It's amazing what memories return to you
re-reading old stories years after they were first written...