Time travel from Then to Now with the Timeline of my Tall Tales to Date!
(with more than one hint to the story of C.G.Allan's first novel and listings of short fiction successes)

As means of an introduction to my efforts of becoming an author,

I thought I’d use this page to turn back the clock and give readers a timeline

of the events that led to the finishing of my first kids adventure book

over the first decade of the new Millennium...

The writing progress of Novel #1 actually runs side-by-side

with the development of myself as a writer

and these important sign posts will serve to give readers

added insight into the worlds of my future books too...


SUMMER 1999 - I scribble down “Lost and Found”, a story idea whilst on volunteer duty in Oxfam Books, Newcastle...

2000 TO 2002 - The tale begins to grow and story elements brew in my head - the idea's a keeper cos it won't go away!

WINTER 2002 - Busy doing nothing one evening, I sit down at my then-girlfriend’s PC and write out the entire Prologue to the book in one sitting...

SUMMER 2003 - I spend two months backpacking around Europe and shape the "universe" of this particular book (and backstory to the novel), all in a little shiny notebook...

AUTUMN 2003 to SUMMER 2005 - During studies for my MA in Creative Writing, with the help of a tutor, I flesh out the story and develop the plot to story’s end!

Nightie Knight by C.G.Allan- a children's poem, read on air 2004

Click, Click, Click by C.G.Allan- a short sci-fi tale, read on air 2004

About The Size Of It by C.G.Allan - a mini epic, read air 2004

The Thirst for Knowledge by C.G.Allan - winner of a Postrgraduate Student Fiction prize 2004

Indiana Jones and the Quest of the White Knight by C.G.Allan - Fan Fiction prize winner 2005

Kyle's Courage by C.G.Allan - published in The Big Anthology (Northumbria Press) 2005

SPRING 2006 - My web presence as a wannabe author begins – I get "one of those blog things", and soon after, set up an Official Writing Site (which you're at now!), then I begin to weave a tangle of scribbles on the web, hoping readers will see the flipside of my words that hide...

SUMMER 2006 - I begin to try to explain (ever cryptically!) what my first adventure novel is about and start to spill its secrets from my keyboard onto the Net...

AUTUMN 2006 - Beginning in late 2006 (and ending in early 2009), I conduct 3 successful "Fictions Decision Polls", with readers’ opinions actively helping to shape the final story!

SPRING 2007 - I receive news that my contribution to the “One Day In History” blog-a-thon is being preserved for posterity...

SUMMER 2007 - I start my "Big Write-Up" of the novel and give out 'Key Words' to use in a Wordsearch - find it by clicking on the link at the botton of this page to go back to the main homepage!

The Strange Story of Stephen Cecil Smith by C.G.Allan - placed in the top 15% of entries of The Academy of Children's Writers “22nd Annual Write A Story for Children Competition” 2007

Indiana Jones & The Curse of the Chinese Whisperer by C.G.Allan - a collaborative fan forum story that’s still being told (via theRaider.Net) begun in 2007

SUMMER 2008 - My "Big Type-Up" of the novel is begun and I also create "The Zip Code Challenge" with the promised final reveal of the book's REAL title when the game ends. Also launched is a YouTube “Secrets of my writing study” video... (you can click to go back to C.G.Allan’s homepage, at the bottom of this page, and search for all these story exclusives!)

The Silhouettes & Winds of the Valley by C.G.Allan - published in ‘Invisible Ink 2’ Anthology of New Writing (Baineth Press) 2008

AUTUMN 2008 - To mark the completion of my novel, I decided to write a one-off special first-novel insight blog post on the strange theme of "Obsession" in fiction...

SPRING 2009 - I embark on an epic trip “On The Road To Publishville”, whilst also learning to 'Tweet' regularly, as well as creating my new Flickr page and writing an online gamebook called “Simulacrum” (once again, go to the bottom of this page to click back to C.G.Allan’s desk top homepage, and share in the continuing “MC: Adventures" with these story exclusives!)

King Of The Jungle by C.G.Allan - a short story read on Hospital Radio (a project by New Writing North) 2009

SUMMER 2010 - I talk about my year of sci-fi writing: "2010: AN ODYSSEY IN SPACE" & dedicate 100 non-stop days of writing to a small novella called Simulacrum

WINTER 2010 - After almost 5 years, the nature of how I want to put across my writing news via my Blog and Twitter pages changes & BRAND NEW short stories begin to emerge...

SPRING 2011 - I begin to unveil brand new short stories in 'Amazing 3-D'

SUMMER 2011 - I start writing Novel #2: "my History Mystery"

The Unbelievably Silly But Flash Drive of Jackie Armstrong by C.G.Allan - a short modern fantasy goes live on my site...

SPRING 2012 - The Thirst for Knowledge by C.G.Allan - published online at the Spring Heeled Jack website

SUMMER 2012 - The Archenemy by C.G.Allan - SHORTLISTED for the Iron Press ROOT Anthology

AUTUMN 2012 - Blood Hunt by C.G.Allan - a teeny family saga showcased by “Spring Heeled Jack”

SPRING 2013 - Finally finding my 'writing voice', I launched my very own series of "Sound Stories" for my writing homepage

SUMMER 2013 - After a decade crouched over the keyboard, I closed the book on my 1st YA novel. began work on 'Book Number 3' - "my gnome gnovel"

SPRING 2014 - I began work a proper on 'Book Number 3' - "my gnome gnovel" and began an 'audio blog' about it all...

SUMMER 2014 - Many Happy Returns by C.G.Allan - a teeny family saga showcased in my first collection of "Nano Fiction"

SPRING 2015 - I begin preliminary research on "my Secret Sixth" novel (Ultra Top Secret!)

SUMMER 2015 - The FINAL draft of "my Space Saga" is carried out, tightening the tale and strengthening the story...

SUMMER 2016 - I begin to plot my first collection of short stories and wonder about how and when to release it to the reading world...

SPRING 2017 - I join an inspiring Writer's Group and nervously (but also courageously!) perform my first public readings of a selection of my short fiction.

AUTUMN 2017 (ONWARDS...) - I return to craft the epic subject matter of my second novel - “my History Mystery”, as well as bringing readers EVEN MORE "Short Stories in 'Amazing 3-D!'", and, as I move ever closer to being a “proper author”, I time travel in my mind even more, always thinking of the past for inspiration to my future...