"So, what's C.G.Allan's REEL story?"

My name is Chris Allan and I love to be creative.  I just can't help myself - wherever I am, every day, I have ideas (some great, some not so great) and I jot them ALL down - in notebooks, on my phone and even on any handy scraps of paper. My main influences as a scribbler are the vivid and colourful narratives of film and TV (hence the "reel" theme of this site).

This website is meant as a base for the tales I feel compelled to tell as I pursue my creative life. I want the site to be entertaining and fun, and I hope readers might become eagle-eyed detectives, exploring the pages here which hold many puzzles to solve and mysteries to follow... 

Back on the homepage is a picture of a desk with lots of objects on it.  It's there for you to explore, but as a suggested starting point hover over & click (or tap!) a "weirdly wordy" object - this will allow you to take part in one of the special challenges hidden on the site that's connected to the first adventure novel I've written.  Some objects on the homepage contain 'sneak peaks' to my planned novels (there's currently 6 to search for but have your smart phone QR code readers ready!), other objects lead to my "Featured Fiction" pages where you can read short stories written by myself (there's 10 of these pages to discover!) and there's even some "Special Scribble" pages where I showcase my writing-related hobbies (3 to 'collect'!).

Also on the homepage, under the desk picture, is a handy-links bar in the shape of a film negative with colourful logos. This holds: news about my writing ambitions (via my Blog & Twitter pages); access to images that inspire my writing (at my Instagram feed) and trailers of my Featured Fiction stories (on my YouTube channel), plus other videos I've craft-edited (on my Vimeo portfolio page). And if all that's not enough, just below the scroll on this page, you can hear my "sound" introduction, and click or tap on the postcard pic below that to see where my imagination takes me via my About.Me profile, AND below the postcard, click or a tap for a "Beginner's Guide" to my scribble adventures so far...

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